The Colours Project

For us at SAAC, people with autism are the colours of life. Even as we hope to colour their lives with meaning, they colour our lives and complete humanity.
Keeping this in mind, the Colours Project showcases artwork by our students and clients by adapting it into designs of merchandise, which we retail under this simple label.

It is our hope to outreach and raise autism awareness through the Colours Project, while sales can be used to keep the project going, and hopefully open up employment opportunities for persons with moderate to severe autism.

Art at SAAC

Art provides individuals with autism with a meaningful and enjoyable outlet for the expression of inner thoughts and emotions through the artwork they produce. To that end, art education at SAAC focuses on the holistic development of the individual with autism, emotional modulation, and the cultivation of focus, control and the ability to respond well to one-on-one instruction. It is more about the journey of creating an artwork and leveraging teachable moments in the process for growth than about acquiring skills and techniques.

The Products

With all the time and effort put into producing a painting or other piece of art, the real value of piece would far exceed its monetary value, and it would be a shame to sell it for the price an art valuer would appraise of the artwork itself. So instead of selling the artwork, we have developed a line of retail products featuring the artwork or designs adapted from the artwork.

You too can support SAAC’s Colours Project by purchasing one or more of the items available.

Where to Buy

With Singapore now in Phase Two: Safe Transition, most of us are still working from home. We are, however, able to go into the office when necessary, so we can fulfil orders for SAAC Colours Project retail products.

To order SAAC Colours Project retail products, please fill-in and submit this online order form.