I look forward to volunteering at SAAS every week,  it has been such a rewarding and enjoyable experience for me! It has really been an enriching experience where I truly gain as much (or even more) as I give. I’ve learned that every single child with autism sees the world differently and that there is no one-size-fits-all way method of teaching and interacting with the children. The teachers I have worked with have really inspired me with their endless patience and intimate knowledge of each student in their class. They really take the time to learn each child’s unique ‘language’, and taught me how to slowly pick on up each student’s physical and emotional cues. 

Most of all, I’ve learned that it doesn’t take superhuman patience or ‘more’ compassion than the average person in order to interact with and support autistic individuals. Instead, all it takes is a little effort understanding and accepting them for who they are, and doing so will give you the gift of seeing the world through a different lens.

Chelsea Ng, University Student, Volunteer at St. Andrew’s Autism School