St. Andrew’s Adult Home (Sengkang) [SAAH]

Singapore’s first residential facility designed and built to meet the needs of autistic adults, SAAH provides an autism-friendly residential community for those without alternative care options. SAAH’s quality of care centres on three core developmental goals — Daily Living Skills, Communal Living Skills, Emotional Behavioural Management.

A team comprising staff nurses, nursing aides, and healthcare assistants care for the residents and are available to assist 24/7. Allied health staff, such as psychologists, therapists and social workers, work with the frontline care staff in helping the residents live dignified and meaningful lives.

Living arrangements for male and female residents are separate. There are one, two, and three-bedder rooms in a cluster sharing common living and dining spaces, with a shared activity space between two clusters.

Residents have programmes similar to those at the DAC, including light production work and other pre-vocational tasks, recreation, and activities for total wellness.

As a residential facility, SAAH operates 24/7.

Visiting hours:

9.00am to 5.00pm daily