Our day activity centres (DAC) play a pivotal role in improving the quality of life for individuals with autism. Our primary goal at the DAC is to foster independence and develop essential life skills for Special Education (SPED) graduates who are not work-ready at the point of graduation. We firmly believe that individuals with autism can find meaningful engagement and even productive employment when provided with the right support. Through tailored programs, we address the specific needs and abilities of each client.

We offer Dignity of Work programs (vocational training in highly accommodative environments) in areas such as urban farming, packing, and laundry for those with employment potential. For clients who are not yet ready for vocational training, we provide opportunities for skill development through light production work and pre-vocational tasks. Additionally, we guide clients requiring a higher level of support towards managing their behaviour and gaining greater independence in daily living tasks.


Regarding Admissions

We operate two day activity centres – one at Siglap and the other at Sengkang. Should you like to get in touch with us regarding our programmes or for admissions at either location, please contact us at [email protected].

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