“I look forward to volunteering at SAAS every week,  it has been such a rewarding and enjoyable experience for me! It has really been an enriching experience where I truly gain as much I learnt a lot from the teacher on how to use the comms board to communicate with the students and engage them. It’s hard work but a very meaningful volunteer experience.”

Janice Tan, Volunteer at St. Andrew’s Autism School

Janice Tan

“As cliché as it may sound, every individual client has taught me some lessons about persons with Autism. They are some of the strongest and bravest people I have met and they made me reflect and re-evaluate about life in general.

Through volunteering, I have become more patient and grateful. I feel I am at my best ‘Self’ when I am volunteering and I hope to project that ‘Self’ to my everyday life too.”

Edwin Tay, Volunteer at DAC (Siglap) & St. Andrew’s Adult Home

Edwin Tay

“I’ve always tried to conform to societal standards, hoping that I get lost in the crowd, but these kids have shown me the value of standing out and of staying true to myself.

SAAC has grown on me, and I’m sure if you give it a chance, it’ll grow on you as well!”

Wesley Um, Volunteer at St. Andrew Autism School

Wesley Um

Volunteering refers to the act of offering our time and skills to assist others without expecting any financial compensation in return. Because of this, people don’t easily use their spare time for volunteering. But trying it once can be difficult, yet rewarding.

By volunteering, one can gain more mental happiness than physical strain and experience the joy and innocence of adult autism clients, which can be mentally fulfilling.”

Kate, Volunteer at DAC (Sengkang)

Kate Son